Desert Green Nuts, Inc.

is an internationally established and recognized pistachio exporting company from Iran, with customers all around the world.

Nuts Branding

Trading pistachio nuts has been a family business of ours for more than 40 years. Our humble beginnings started by exporting pistachio nuts and importing various types of spices to and from India. Our operation expanded into the current form some 20 years ago and we are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the most experienced and top pistachio exporting companies in Iran.


Throughout the years we have always welcomed new ideas to improve our performance both on quality deliverance and on customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to hear from you with your new ideas about our operation.


Desert Green Nuts, Inc. has evolved from a small family operated trading to a multi-million dollar pistachio exporting operation by our constant insistence on customer satisfaction and high quality product and service.


Our motto has always been to look for long-term achievements and our goals have been set in such a way to improve our operational quality as time goes by. It is important for us to set ever higher goals and achieve them by having the right plans.

Health Care

It is a well-known fact that tree nuts are of great nutritional value and hence help to improve your health by nourishing your body’s thirst for high fiber. Pistachios have the highest concentration of fatty acids and fiber which greatly improve your body’s performance in various conditions.


Having a “Brand” name has its own advantages as anyone involved with “Branding” will tell you. We strive for the day when our company’s name will become synonymous with “PISTACHIO”.


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